What's  Township of Ryouen-Hyakufuku?

Good match Hyakufuku is a coined word made from good match and Hyakufuku. I am a meaning of the two words below.

[About good match]

Tsurumi is a city full of divine favor and episodes of good match, visited everyone grab a good edge, and good edge was the hope to be forever lasting. People to find the lover, Couples wishing to be much good relationship, couple of you have a home, there are all these things that people want the town of Tsurumi. "From good match to happy family", the town of Tsurumi will support from the beginning to the end.

[About Hyakufuku]

The Hyakufuku it means to wipe it says full. You can get as much as even hundred Fu go to each shrine of Tsurumi, but visited people and offers you a lot of luck so who can back become a happy mood. In particular specialty gourmet called auspicious rice should enjoy certainly once. You'll be surprised to taste and appearance. Please enjoy the hospitality of Hyakufuku in Tsurumi.

About Tsurumi

Kamakura era, when Minamoto no Yoritomo was the Makigari at Fuji of foot (hunting to catch the beast around a hunting ground from square), where you release it with a strip of gold to crane of Senba, and we settled in flying to this land was. Many people come to the sights of the crane, legend that was with a nickname of "Tsurumi" is mainstream.


On the other hand, steals the sword of Kusanagi to leave its name to Nihon Shoki, would be wrecked the Silla monk ship was trying to escape to the country of, thieves who fear the curse at you with follow is the sword of Kusanagi statement that ran away at the tossed thrown there are ancient biography (Yatsurugi legend), there is also a theory to say that it has become "Tsurumi" and "Tsurugi" is dull. Border of Settsu countries and Kawachi Province near is called Kennawate-Kentsutsumi, (part of the current, Osaka Prefecture road 159 No. plain Moriguchi line section) road called sword highway has through, the sword of Kusanagi Spirit There is also Omoneoso Hayao shrine that is dedicated as the object of worship.


In recent years, Tsurumi-ku, separates the eastern from Joto-ku in 1974 was born. The 1990 International Garden and Greenery Exposition (official abbreviation, Hananobanpaku, aka Flower Expo) was held at the Tsurumi Ryokuchi (Tsurumi Ryokuchi current flower Expo Memorial Park), the Tsurumi more than 23 million people people came. Currently, full of green around, convenient commercial facilities are also many in life, from the fact that in place is the best environment for raising children, it became the highest town young population percentage in Osaka 24 wards.