Tsurumi of specialty gourmet

Specialty of Tsurumi is "Engimeshi". Engi rice refers to is that as of character reading of "auspicious rice". Tsurumi is worthy to good match hundred of Fu township name, there are many auspicious a good spot and prayer answered spot. When I am come to Tsurumi seeking luck or divine favor, and please return you in a fun and filled with happiness. From such feelings, in eateries of Tsurumi, and I am allowed to offer a full of luck "Engimeshi".


Currently, Engi rice will be two kinds of "sword (Tsurumi) comb" and "vine Tama rice". Enjoy one by one goods respectively when it came to Tsurumi.


In addition, not only Engi rice, delicious Suites, souvenir, because there are many well as stylish cafes, there also please enjoy.