Happy in Tsurumi









Tsurumi has been known as a popular town to live many younger generation, but in fact, until the easy delivery prayer from love fulfillment, couples and married couples, it is a city that can bestow all the divine favor necessary to single people. Demonstration of the divine favor has been shown everywhere.


To give just one example, in the Acupuncture Institute in the famous Tsurumi within the shrine in the couple camphor, 90% of female employees has been the Kotobuki leaving. In addition, it is not a temples and shrines, in some Italian restaurant, there is a wedding sheet who sat in the seat went married one after another. Located about can not be told story of this addition to prayer answered also.


Precisely because has been shown many demonstration of divine favor in Tsurumi, it is "good match hundred Fu township". There is a word Momofuku, which means that exuberant Fu. Place where visitors are able back with a smile of fortune full, it is Tsurumi. Temples and prayer answered not only in temples, such as "Engimeshi" also auspicious dishes of outstanding experience also taste not only look to Tsurumi, offers a variety of good luck in the entire town.


Tsurumi urban power spot. Not only bring back the divine favor and luck, you can enjoy cafes and shopping, to fully until the hot spring. Please come by all means once you align all the grant fun-eat-town.

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